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Trusting God for the Journey

Influence Magazine is a Christian-based periodical that provides “a faith-based context for cultural and current events” including “practical insight for your family, daily life, career, and community.”

Their mission is to offer “a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered perspective that propels people to engage their faith.” Influence Magazine highlights the stories of leaders and church-planters from all around the globe, asks and seeks to answer perennial questions believers and unbelievers alike might frequently wonder and discuss, relevant material with the purpose of revealing the truth.

Recently, our very own Journey Church was featured in an article by Christina Quick titled Trusting God for the Journey. Pastor J.J. and Liz share what the process of planting Journey looked like, from experiencing loss to being in the midst of God’s provision as they sold their house and moved to Winter Park. In the interview, they describe the heart of Journey Church that initially stemmed from seeing how God uses moments most arduous for His glory: “We selected the name Journey Church from that experience — out of recognizing the ability of our journey to impact someone else’s life in a positive way...God can turn a dark, pain-filled place into someone else’s hope and miracle. That has been at the center of every sermon I preach.”

Pastor J.J. and Liz trusted God through their curiosity of how they would establish relationships with the people and culture in Winter Park. He adds, “Our skin color didn’t match, and our age demographic didn’t match. We don’t blend in, but we’ve learned that loving people is the universal language and culture.” Quick concludes the article, perfectly outlining the ideas and beliefs of Journey. She writes, in reference to Pastor J.J.’s ideas about successful church planting, “It’s about remaining faithful, genuine and focused on Jesus — and trusting God for every step of the journey.”

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-- Journey Church Communications Team